1. mutableness, changeability, changeableness, variability, variableness; alterability, alterableness, modifiability, modifiableness, permuta-bility, permutableness, transmutability, transmutableness; commutability, commutableness, transposability, exchangeability, interchangeability, interchangeableness, convertibility, convertibleness, invertibility, reversibility, reversibleness.
2. inconstancy, unstableness, instability, unsettledness, unsteadiness; unevenness, irregularity, errati-cism, unreliability, unreliableness, undependability, undependableness; vacillation, fluctuation, oscillation, alternation, viscissitudes, ups and downs; uncertainness, uncertainty, unsureness, indecision, irresoluteness, irresolution; fickleness, capriciousness, flightiness, mercurialness, mercuriality, lightsomeness.

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